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The Barn Dance Apocalypse 2011

The Golden Horse Ranch Band is pleased to announce that the Barn Dance Apocalypse is on for 2011. Mark your calendars for February 26th.

Ticket details coming soon.

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  1. Linda Zenkovich Teague

    This message is for Annie.
    I hope you remember me.
    Annie, my family was the first family to enjoy The Golden Horse Ranch the year it opened and continued to vacation there until three years before it closed. I was five years old the first year. Of course, later years, I brought my children. I hope you remember my daughter Kelley. Kelley is married and has two daughters. Her first daughter, Madison was born totally blind. Kelley is a strong rights activist for the blind.
    I hope to hear from you by e-mail.
    Linda Zenkovich Teague

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