Founder Bob Coleman, Sr.

The Golden Horse Ranch in Wisconsin, now closed as a resort, was much loved by the many generations of ranch guests. This site is dedicated to remembering and documenting the spirit of the ranch.

Ranch History

The original property, where the main buildings are, was purchased from the Imm family in 1947. Like many of the German families in the area, the Imm family were original settlers to the area in the late 1800’s. When it opened in 1949 guests rented self-suficient cabins. It grew into an all inclusive resort when the first dining room (now the children’s dining room) was opened in 1949. Guests arrived each Saturday for a week’s stay. During the day there were activities such as horseback riding, archery and boat races and in the evening guests square danced, sang by the campfire or took part in the final evening talent show. Until it closed, there were no TV’s or phones in the cabins and guests days where guided by the bell that rang for all activities.

Hula dancing at the Ranch

The ranch was named after its herd of palomino horses. The horses lived primarily like a wild herd on a few hundred acres. They came into the barn during the summers from morning too early afternoon. If you woke early you could hear the wranglers calling them in yelling ‘come on babies, c’mon let’s go’. The horses pastures surrounded the main complex of buildings and most evenings you could watch them graze or gallop by.

Annie Oakley and Golden Sun, 1971

About the Colemans

The Ranch was founded in 1949 By Robert and Ruth Coleman Sr. Their son Bob and his children Rob and Annie Coleman grew up working at the ranch. In true ranch style, Rob married 3rd generation ranch guest Tina Marten in the summer of 2002. Their first child Trevor Alan Coleman was born in October 2003. The ranch is now owned by Bob and Chico Coleman and the remaining herd of horses are still roaming their fields.