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11th Annual Barn Dance Apocalypse poster

The 11th Annual Barn Dance Apocalypse poster by Ryan Duggan

The 11th Annual Barn Dance Apocalypse poster by Ryan Duggan. Click to for ticket info.

The 11th Annual Barn Dance Apocalypse is going down February 27th at Thalia Hall in Chicago. Ryan Duggan has created a poster to help get everyone in the mood. We’ll have copies for sale at the dance if you would like to take one home as a souvenir.

Buy tickets.

Crap Beer Day

Crap Beer Day at Thalia Hall

Crap Beer poster

The Golden Horse Ranch Band and Thalia Hall will be winding Craft Beer Week down with a celebration of its oft-maligned sibling, crap beer. There will be dancing. There will be $1 beers.


The ninth annual Barn Dance Apocalypse is on

Ladies and Gents, it’s time for

The 9th Annual Barn Dance Apocalypse!

Come square dance, contra, polka, and waltz the night away to the locally-sourced-organic-bourbon fueled spectacle of Golden Horse Ranch Band.

Barn Dance ApocalypseIt doesn’t matter if you have 2 left feet, or only one foot left. We’ll teach you everything you know! Come alone or bring a partner! Just be sure to dress for the occasion.

If you’ve been before, you know how magical it is, so tell all your friends! If you haven’t been before, get ready for a western wonderland of dancing with friends and strangers (a.k.a. friends you haven’t met yet). Yes, ladies and gents, when the rapture comes, we’ll all be square dancing!

Here’s all the important particulars:

The Dance Will Be Held Saturday April 20, 2012. Doors at 8pm.

Extra drinks extra, + amazing photo op + collectors poster by Johnny Sampson!

Reserve your place by following the link below:

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